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New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association

The New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association exists to promote the profession of surveying, mapping, land information systems and related fields to support the advancement of technologies, and to help ensure that these professional activities provide for the safety and welfare of the general public.


NHLSA members include licensed land surveyors and their employees, land information practitioners, students, and others with special interest in or knowledge of the profession of land surveying.

The Association views the surveyor as a professional who has the academic qualifications and technical expertise to practice the sciences of measuring and mapping as well as making boundary judgments; who uses this knowledge responsibly to help plan and implement the efficient management of land, waters, structures and improvements; and who takes into account legal, economic, environmental and social issues relevant to the practice.


The Association strives to support the profession and its members by creating a professional environment in which to operate, through the following activities:

  • Sponsor educational and informational activities and publications both for ourselves and the general public.
  • Fund and administer scholarships and grants.
  • Improve and preserve land records.
  • Work with legislative and administrative units of government to provide information, testimony, and other support in matters relating to land surveying.
  • Maintain a continuous dialogue with allied professions.
  • Maintain and upgrade professional standards and ethics.
  • Address grievances and issues dealing with unauthorized practices.
  • Promote professional and social relations.

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