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Member Benefits

The New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association strives to support the profession and its members by creating a professional environment in which to operate through the following activities:

  • Sponsor educational and informational activities and publications both for ourselves and the general public.
  • Fund and administer scholarships and grants.
  • Improve and preserve land records.
  • Work with legislative and administrative units of government to provide information, testimony, and other support in matters relating to land surveying.
  • Maintain a continuous dialogue with allied professions.
  • Maintain and upgrade professional standards and ethics.
  • Address grievances and issues dealing with unauthorized practices.
  • Promote professional and social relations.

Key Member Benefits Include:

1.   A discounted member rate to attend four educational events each year, continuing education units (CEU’s) given that are recognized by the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (Board of Land Surveyors):

  • Spring Seminar, held each year in March
  • Summer Seminar (free to first 100 Members who register), held each Year in June
  • Fall Case Studies Seminar, held each year in September
  • Annual Meeting & Seminar, held each year in December

2.   Two issues per year of The Benchmark, the professional magazine of the NH Land Surveyors association, with news and opinion pieces from surveyors in New Hampshire and New England.

3.  Monthly Publication of the TBM Newsletter with regional job postings,  news and opinion pieces and much more.

4.  Weekly E-mail newsletters with regional job postings and notices of professional activities.

5.  Inclusion in the online search feature, “Find A Surveyor,” on the NHLSA website.

6.  Quarterly Business Meetings typically held in conjunction with Educational Seminars.  All Members are encouraged to attend.

7.  Automatic Membership in the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), for full members and others who opt to join. NSPS membership includes:

  • A bi-weekly e-newsletter with news of national and regional interest
  • Professional representation at the national level
  • A group healthcare plan for those interested in participating
  • Additional NSPS Member Benefits

8. Additional (CEU) credits available for active member participation in NHLSA.

Lan 403.03 CEU Credits. Continuing education units shall be credited as follows:
(a) For verified membership and participation in a national, regional or state land surveyor society
or association provided the licensee attends 50% of the meetings (i.e. 2 Meetings Per Year) the applicant shall receive one CEU per
year, with a maximum of 2 CEUs per biennium;
(b) For serving as an officer or committee chairman in a national, regional, or state land society or
association the applicant shall receive one CEU per year, with a maximum of 2 per biennium;
(c) For serving on committee in a national, regional or state land society or association the
applicant shall receive 0.5 CEU per year, with a maximum of one per biennium;

Membership Categories Include:

Active Member – Any person actively engaged in the practice of land surveying on a full time or part time basis
and licensed in the state of New Hampshire pursuant to New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated 485:1
shall be deemed eligible for active membership.

Associate Member – Any person or firm having special interest or knowledge in the practice of land surveying
shall be deemed eligible for associate membership.

Affiliate Member – Any employee of an active member who does not otherwise qualify as an active member but
is actively engaged in the practice of land surveying in a pre-professional or technical capacity shall be deemed
eligible for affiliate membership.

Out of State – Any person who is licensed in the state of New Hampshire pursuant to NH RSA 485:1, is a
member of his/her home State Association and whose home State Association offers a similar arrangement to
NHLSA members shall be deemed eligible for out of state membership.

Student Member – Any person who is enrolled full time (12 or more semester credit hours) in an institution of
higher learning pursuing a curriculum of surveying, engineering, forestry or forestry technician, so long as the
student has completed at least one course in land surveying during said enrollment. With annual renewal dues,
student members must furnish written verification of enrollment and semester credit hours from the school
registrar. Licensed Land Surveyors are available for sponsorship – contact the NHLSA for more information.

Sustaining Member – Any person or firm nominated to this grade and approved by a vote of the Board of

Retired Active Member – Any member aged (62) sixty-two years or older who has been a member in good
standing for 4 years or more who is no longer engaged in the practice of land surveying and does not hold an
active and current license from the NH Joint Board of Licensure for land surveyors, shall be eligible for this
category. Retired active membership shall be afforded all privileges of active membership.

Note: Honorary and Life Members who are elected are exempt from having to pay dues. They receive a dues
notice only to update our records.