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Elected Offices

PRESIDENT: Supervised all business and affairs of the Association, presides at director meetings, presides at membership meetings; signs legal documents for the Association when authorized by Directors; ex-officio on all committees; determine duties of President-Elect; delivers annual report to Association regarding condition of Association and achievements of Association in the past year. ONE YEAR TERM.

PRESIDENT-ELECT: Performs the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President; fills office of President and serves until election of officers at Annual Meeting; assists Vice President in preparing for the Annual Meeting. ONE YEAR TERM.

VICE PRESIDENT: Performs duties of President in the absence of both the President and President-Elect:serves as Program Chairman and Chairman of the Annual Meeting Committee. ONE YEAR TERM. However, because it is expected that the Vice President WILL become President-Elect, President, and Past President in the successive years, this entails a four-year commitment.

SECRETARY: The secretary keeps and distributes the minutes of director and membership meetings. ONE YEAR TERM.

TREASURER: shall give bond for faithful discharge of duties, if required by Directors; shall be charged with the custody of all funds and securities of the Association; accepts and gives receipts for funds due and payable to the Association; sees that there is change for the registration table at membership meetings; is the chairman of the finance committee; presents financial statement at each meeting; disburse checks as approved by the Directors; coordinates the submission of tax returns. THREE YEAR TERM.

DIRECTOR: sits on the policy making board of the Association; performs special tasks delegated by the President; serves on a committee of the Association. THREE YEAR TERM.