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Association Goals

  1. To encourage all surveyors licensed in New Hampshire to join and participate in the Association.
  2. To strengthen relationships by encouraging all land use professionals and those in related disciplines to join and participate in the Association.
  3. To encourage membership in other state and national professional associations, such as the National Society of Professional Surveyors.
  4. To maintain and improve a staffed central office and or a virtual facility.
  5. To promote land information systems and to preserve land records.
  6. To maintain and improve communication and relationships within our profession, as well as with related disciplines and the general public.
  7. To work with all units of government by providing information, testimony and other support in matters relating to land surveying, mapping and land information systems.
  8. To create and promote surveying educational opportunities and publications.
  9. To review, upgrade, and enforce professional standards and ethics.
  10. To address grievances and issues involving unauthorized practices.
  11. To promote careers in professional land surveying.
  12. To help surveyors and their families in times of need.
  13. To coordinate pro bono surveying services in conjunction with the NH Bar Association and the court system.