NH Certified Survey Technician (CST) Program seeks Instructors

The NHLSA has again activated the CST program. As in the past, survey technicians, both field and office personnel are encouraged to seek certification through the National CST Program, as administered by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS.) This summer the NHLSA CST Committee will be trying something new: a summer workshop series intended to serve as a primer for the CST exam. The workshop series will be geared towards what topics the examinees should review, and some of the more academic topics that land surveyors need to have a good understanding. Sometimes during the active work week these albeit important issues can take a back seat to "get the job done!"

The NHLSA CST Committee is looking for Members who would be willing to donate a few hours of their time to assist the CST committee in teaching the two summer workshop classes. Workshop dates are (Saturdays) June 7th and July 12th. Instructors will be providing approximately one hour of class time per workshop on the topic of their choice. Each workshop will consist of four class periods each of 1 to 1-1/2 hours, on the following Topics:

June 7th:

Introduction to Surveying

1 Surveying History

2 Types of Surveys

3 Control Points (Types of; Reading Data Sheets)

4 Plan Reading

5 Principles of the Profession

June 7th:

Survey Procedures

1 Field Operations

2 Field Equipment and Instruments

3 Field Notes

July 12th:

Survey Computations

1 Linear

2 Angular

3 Elevations

4 Units Conversion

5 Leveling

6 Area

7 Intersections

8 Stadia

July 12th:

First Aid & Safety

1 Medical Emergency Procedures

2 Traffic Control

3 Safety Procedures

4 Applicable OSHA Standards

Instructors will be provided with outlines of each topic, sample exam questions and exam preparation materials for the CST program. Other resources can be provided as needed. The CST committee can work with the instructors as needed in order to prepare instruction materials for approximately one-hour of class time, leaving time for questions and class participation. Volunteer instructors may instruct more than one topic at more than one seminar if desired! Please contact Dan Ellis if you are interested.

By: Dan Ellis, LLS