NHLSA Certified Survey Technician (CST)

Summer Workshop Series

All survey technicians, field crew or office crew - please read on: NHLSA will be holding a summer workshop series intended to assist survey technicians become Certified Survey Technicians, or CST.

Becoming a CST shows your commitment to the profession of land surveying, and may even help you get a leg up the proverbial "ladder." The National Society of Professional Surveyors website says it best:

The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) sponsors a comprehensive national certification program for survey technicians. The program is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as part of the National Apprenticeship Program. The Survey Technician Certification Board (STCB), which administers this program, recognizes the importance of technicians to the surveying and mapping profession.

This four-level certification program for surveying technicians throughout the United States indicates official recognition by NSPS that a person has demonstrated that he or she is minimally competent to perform surveying tasks at a specified technical level. Certification provides the individual with a sense of achievement, since it reflects advancement in the field of surveying. Certification also provides employers with a method of determining job assignments and advancement since certification is an indication of one's ability to perform specific job tasks.

Who can take the exam: There are 4-levels of certification, each level corresponding to your experience level.

Level I: Applicants must have a full time job in the surveying field, or be enrolled in a surveying educational program.

Level II: Applicants must have at least 1.5 years or 3,000 hours of experience either in the field or the office. Of the 3,000 hours, up to 750 hours may be through a full time educational program, (basically one year of a full time survey program.)

Level III: Applicants must have the requisite 1.5 years required for level II, as well as an additional 2 years of experience. Of the 3.5 years, you may apply up to 2.33 years of full time schooling.

Level IV: Applicants must have the requisite 3.5 years for level III, as well as an additional 2 years of experience in a position of a party chief or an office manager. Of the 5.5 years, you may apply up to 3.66 years of schooling.

Where to take the exam: NHLSA is offering the exam at the end of the summers’ workshop series. The workshops will assist applicants in some of the more academic areas of the CST exam, and experienced CST’s will be on hand to give some insight as to what to expect during the exam. The workshops will be held at the University of New Hampshire, at the Thompson School on the following dates:

June 7th 8:00 – 4:00 Coffee breaks will be provided. Lunch on your own.

July 12th 8:00 – 4:00

August 2nd 8:00 – 4:00 Exam Day

How much $?: The NHLSA Foundation has made a generous offer to individuals whom wish to take the exam and become certified: If the individuals’ employer pays 50% of the national fees, the NHLSA Foundation will provide a matching grant of 50%. $10 registration fee, $50 National Application fee, $150 National examination fee. With employers and NHLSAF, total cost to the applicant: $10.

How to Register?: Since there are a couple forms to fill out, the website is the primary tool to locate the forms. Simply visit www.nhlsa.org/CST and the state and national forms are available for download.